First newsletter for ODDITIES on April Fool's Day 2023

July 2022

Hello, everyone. I know you thought I was gone for good. I thought so, too. But I read Tim Denning’s Unfiltered Substack newsletter just now, with…

April 2022

I felt confident I could teach beginning physics until I met my 105 students in 6 classes. Their attention spans are barely seconds sometimes—especially…

March 2022

Get ready to laugh. Except for the Serial Killer.

February 2022

I'd forgotten how gratifying it can be.
My First Year of Teaching
As brilliant, compelling, and everlasting as Harry Potter
To answer a question....
I'm back!
You hid my synopsis in a ridiculous place, but I FOUND IT!
Zeus is going to hear from me--again!

January 2022

Winter in West Texas